One minute past 7

One minute after i should have said I care

One minute after I should have held your hand

One minute after I should have given up everything for you

One minute after my bliss would have begun.

Sixty seconds after I said the wrong things

Sixty seconds after my dreams crashed and burned

Sixty seconds after I knew I was walking alone

Sixty seconds after I woke up to my reality

One minute before chaos swallos me.

One minute more to enjoy memories of before

One minute more to imagine what never was

One minute more to celebrate the dream that was never birthed

Sixty seconds after I began a new day

Sixty seconds after I decided never to look back in pain

Sixty seconds after I set my hands to the plough

Sixty seconds after I chose tomorrow to forget yesterday.

Exactly one minute after I breathed fresh air and cried to the world heralding my arrival.


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