To think clearly

To see and perceive rightly

He saw poverty but called it wealth

He saw weakness but called it strength

He saw today but perceived tomorrow

To hear and understand correctly

She heard NO but welcomed it as YES

She heard insult but welcomed it as a challenge to her God

She heard human beings but understood absolute faith in God

To see and perceive wrongly

He saw a broken man and adjudged him a victim of his own sin

He saw a homeless boy and considered him a good for nothing child

He saw victims but he perceived them sinners

To hear and understand incorrectly

She heard “I am done” ,and thought “well lets go our seperate ways”

She heard ,”I came to greet you” and she thought the gossip has come again

She heard words but she understood circumstances .

To trust the senses and miss the mark

She felt unwanted but saw love showered on her

He felt abandoned but generosity located him

They felt overwhelmed but together the burden became light

The world said impossible but he understood opportunity.


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