To my Muse

Inspiration comes in different forms and with different faces. Today I celebrate my own inspiration with this poem by Rachel.

Your strength inspires me.

Your existence gives me hope.

Your kindness makes me smile.

You’ve opened my eyes, my heart,

To realize the beauty in life

Despite all the horrible things in it.

Your inner beauty shines through

Your smile, and your laugh.

The way you brighten my day

Puts the sun to shame.

You walked into my life,

And I, I am keeping you there,

Because you are my inspiration.

You’ve inspired me to try my best,

Find my strength,

And live happily,

Because life’s too short to worry about the bad things,

When the good things are right in front of you.

I couldn’t imagine not having you by my side,

You are my friend, my hero,

And I need your strength and kindness here with me.

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