Take a Stand

In today’s world, the ability of men and women to stand for something has been seriously destroyed. So you see a man spend hours trying to  explain an answer to a simple question that requires either a “yes” or a “no”. Men and women want to please everybody by seeming to abide and adhere to whichever fad is current. They want to be politically correct and conscientiously wrong .

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They sit on the fence and neither condemn nor promote what they don’t believe in. They say stuff like “everybody is entitled to their way of life” , but that was not the question , was it?

One of the greatest legacies you can leave in this world is for people to remember you and say “he stood for this or that”.

Where do you stand my friend, especially on the issues that are polarizing our world today. At home ,in the office, in school wherever you are, what will you colleagues reflexively say you stand for.

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Take a stand, even if the whole world stands against you. Take a stand if you are convinced of your path. Take a stand and be remembered for something.


4 thoughts on “Take a Stand”

  1. Life doesn’t present itself in a binary fashion like you suggest. I wish life was as simple as yes or no, white or black, good or bad etc. There are a whole of spectra of options in-between. That is why we are higher intellectual beings able make such intricate choices and not mere indoctrinated fanatics that view the world in 2dimensions eg good or bad ( like our muslim brethrens). Analysis would tell you that abstinence from voting is as vocal as voting. Even most credible polls would leave an ” others” or ” I don’t know” option.


    1. Yes there are times when it can neither be yes nor no, neither white nor black. But lets not over generalize things. There are still topics that there can be no grey areas, there are still things we can answer yes or no to. And that is what taking a stand is all about 🙂


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