This is to announce the untimely death of Spoken Word A.K.A  Oral Communication. After a long fought battle with mobile messaging apps and email providers, it finally surrendered to eternity. It would be fondly remembered by people of the “older” generation who spent more time with it before the advent of “smarter” ways of communication.   It is survived by non verbal communication as an only child.unnamed (20)

Wisdom nugget; No matter how much time you spend chatting on apps or e-mailing, you never really get to know somebody until you have looked them in the eye and heard them talk. The eyes they say is the window to the soul but the spontaneous words , that had no time to be dipped in honey, are the reflections of the heart. 

Try and have a “phone off” time, maybe 5/10mins a day and spend that time on physical interaction. You will live and function better in life.

Just my thoughts.


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