Introducing Death

I am death, a child of circumstance.

I am the most feared

I am the most maligned

Yet I am the victory of the righteous.

I am death, not the black hooded scary guy.

I am not the one with the long sickle.

I am not the one that comes only at night and wears a skull as a face.

I am death the beautiful, not the grim reaper

I am death, the gate to eternity

I am death the end of all physical suffering

I am death the end of all ephemeral joy

I am death the beginning of all things new

I am death, the most avoided

I am death ,the giver of peace

I am death, the wish of your enemies for you

I am death, the repercussion of the wicked.

I am death, the sacred exit

I am death, brought forth by the actions of man

I am death, as I am called by man

I am death as a door to the great beyond.

I am death, the liberator of emotions

I am death, the bane of the young and old

I am death the punishment of man

I am death the liberator of man’s spirit

I am death, a connoisseur of beauty

I am death the agent of renewal

I am death not as you fear but as I am

I am death the inevitable end to a mortal life

I am death the misjudged

I am death the uninvited at all gatherings

I am death, your creation

I am death, and you must come to terms with me.

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