Be the Anomaly

To dare to be different is courage.

To choose to ask “why” is wisdom.

Never be lost in the multitude.

Never lose who you are.

Be uncompromising on matters of principles.

Be steadfast on matters of faith.

Having a large following does not mean you are right.

Having few followers does not mean you are wrong.

In actions and choices be like no one.

In actions and choices find your path and stay there.

Don’t despise success because you are not successful yet.

Don’t despise small beginnings because you think success is an event.

Better to stand among friends than to sit among enemies.

Better to stand with your integrity than to take the high seat in dishonesty.

Be ready to learn from all (even the thief).

Be ready to treat all the same (even those who disagree with you).

Don’t be ruled by your goals and desires.

Dont be weak when you need to show strength.

Don’t postpone what you can finish now.

Dont schedule for planning what needs no plans.

Respect your subordinate’s right to exist and breathe the same air you breathe.

Respect your boss’s right to grab on to the chance that made him your boss.

To impact this life choose to be an anomaly.

To impact generations be more than the chances that life throws your way.

There is only one of you in this life, so you are already an anomaly. You have only to make a conscious decision to live as such.


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