The Scribbler

In the course of my scribbling and learning how to write not just for myself but for others; I have come to understand somethings about a writer. I have understood that being original is her strongest suit. She doesnt try to copy peoples ideas or even ascribe peoples work to herself. The writer sees life different from others. Where the average person sees dejection and rejection she sees a story to be told, an opportunity to connect with the world. When she puts pen to paper, she pours her heart into it. She gives life to her work and that is the essence that draws readers to her. She has an active imagination never dampened by moods or circumstances, for her writing is where she lives. And though she loves you very much, you know from day one that you will always compete for attention with her literary works.

I am still far from the writer I wish to be but am learning everyday about how to be better. Sometimes my cup of inspiration is full and overflowing and other times not so full. Today this poem by Judith Pordon gives an insight into how the writer sees the tools of her work. Its titled Blank Beauty.


Beautiful blank pages

kiss our


with backgrounds

that demand precision.

Our black letters cross

on tightrope lines,


without wavering

across deep, invisible currents.

These beautiful blank pages

are promises of our


Our gentlest strokes

of darkness upon light.


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