The Empty Chair #3

Father, in the first and second episodes of this series I have talked about quite a few issues. Issues I feel conflicted about, issues I will need clarifications on. But I cant keep talking and not give you a chance to respond, so this will be the last episode for now. Today I want to ask you about an issue that is relatively common but less talked about.

It is about prayers, the how ,the method the expectations from you and what it really means to pray well. Father, I have seen goid and serious Christians , in my own estimation, who have persevered in prayer for a particular intention; but after a very long time they still dont have answers to their prayers. From those praying for children to those praying for life partners to those praying for good jobs ,the list is endless. And I have also seen others who before they finish praying you have already answered their prayers, they are favoured right left and centre.

I know the Good book says that we dont get what we pray for because we pray amiss. My question then is , what does it mean to pray well? I have listened to different preachers and teachers and am sorry to say they dont all agree on this topic. Its like each person has a different method  that works exclusively for him/her but none that works across divides. I have read about mental prayer ,vocal prayer and everything in between and quite frankly they look and sound academic to me.

In the Scriptures you taught us to persevere in prayer, to pray without ceasing. How do we achieve that Father? You assured us that when we pray in the name of Jesus , you will answer, how come you are not answering these your saints?

I am convinced you do not have favourites, so I want to know what am doing wrong in communicating with you. Over the years I have presented some very specific intentions to you, but got no answer. It was as if you shut your eyes to my situation and your ears to my cries. But I know that you neither sleep nor slumber.

Is it part of perseverance to continue asking for intention A, when its being overtaken by a multitude of other intentions all streaming from the one intention that has not been answered?  (Sometimws its difficult to keep abreast of the different intwntions) Is it that you answer and I dont hear or see? Or you answer and it is interrupted as in the case of Daniel?

Father, communication is the fulcrum upon which my relationshipbwith you rests. How do I communicate better with you? You could also do well to communicate better, you could talk at certain times when a calm voice could soothe frayed nerves. You could speak when a voice is needed in the darkness to calm the frightened child.

But it seems you hold on to your “silence” so much that things go wrong. So many times I have no idea what you want and when  I ask you dont respond. It leaves me hovering on one foot waiting for an answer or sign to stabilize my standing.

Father, theres so much that I need answers and directions on, so much am conflicted about. But for now let me rest my voice, so that in the silence you can make your answers known and your message heard.


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