Of ghosts….

Writing challenge : Ghosts

The ethereal spirits that we will all become someday

As different from demons, they are our white witches

Mists in the night that are untouchable

Wisps of smoke that lingers after life is gone

I would fear them but then they are just ghosts

Casper the friendly ghost has taught me that they are good spirits

They sometimes seem to help but most times want to be alone.

Have you seen the movie “ghost”?

One of my favorites in life

I can watch it a thousand times and not mind

I am always caught by that soundtrack

“Unchained melody” by Righteous brothers.

All these make me not afraid of ghosts

But careful around them

Who knows, my Dads ghost may be nearby

I may sense his presence but then I may not

But after all is said and done

Ghosts are ghosts

Imaginary or real I don’t know

148 words /7mins


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