I saw life today

When I saw fetal heartbeat in a 12 week old pregnancy

I saw the fetus somersault, flex and extend its limbs as if nothing mattered.

In the fetus I saw life.

I saw life today

When I saw an unconscious 5year old revive in the emergency room.

He had been involved in a motor accident with his mother.

In that moment when his eyes fluttered open and he turned his head, I saw life.

I heard life today,

When a pregnant woman gave birth at the hospital entrance:

She had precipitate labour1, before we could reach her the baby’s head was out.

She delivered in no time and in the babies first cry I heard life.

I saw life today

When on an evening stroll I saw a small cocoon wriggling and writhing

It took a while but it gave birth to a butterfly.

It tried to fly but was unsure.

Eventually it did fly and in its glorious first flight, I saw life. pupa-to-butterfly

I felt life today

When I sat at dinner with my family, in the presence of my gene replicas

I wondered if I gave them my best part or my worst.

But then the youngest looked at me with a toothless grin as if he knew my thoughts.

There and then I knew that this moment is also life

and I can’t but cherish it

So I put all my thoughts and worries out to sea,

and settled down to experience life again.

Dedicated to all who work in healthcare, may the love of life guide you to fulfillment in your vocation.

1. precipitate labor is labor lasting less than 4 hours.

4 thoughts on “LIFE”

  1. I saw life when a sinner truely felt sorry for his sins, repented, went for confession /counseling and asked God for forgiveness through a priest. Life indeed was rejuvenated

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