The me prayer

Lord help me to be content with being me

Help me to walk my paths and not the paths of another

Help me stick to your plans for my life

Even when I don’t know them in detail or in full

Help me Lord to stand true and not falter

Give me grace to stand with you though I stand alone

Give me grace to keep my head

Even when others are losing theirs.

Teach me the peculiarity of me

And the work that went into my crafting.

Teach me that I am like no other

And so should not desire to be like any other.

As we walk together Lord

Teach me to desire to rise as I fall

The grace to live fully for you and for no other

And be a good compass to those who seek you.

My Lord, give me the grace to forgive easily

To not mistake forgiveness with cowardice or stupidity

Give me grace to speak when I must

And to listen when I should

Teach me Lord that wining an argument does not make me right

Neither does losing one make me wrong

Teach me to be silent in the face of insult and injury; for you did as much

Teach me that speaking to correct a wrong must be borne out of love and not anger

If my talking will cause more harm than good

Then Lord let me not speak

If my defense will prolong a fight

Then let me lose the fight.

Lord I am but a man

Striving to know what is right and do what is right

I have failed and I will fail

But I know your grace will always be sufficient for me.



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