Words have always been of great value to my life and so today I invite you to reflect with me on some of the words that I love and what they remind me of.

Joy: when I think of my increasing sphere of influence

Amazing: when I consider where I am and where I am coming from.

Intriguing: when I consider the facets of my life

Unique: when I see me in relation to the rest 6.9999billion people on earth.

Impressive: when I see in my mind’s eye the future I hope for.

Hopeful: when I look at my today and consider my tomorrow.

Generosity: when I think of an act to keep me grounded and save me from pride.

Memorable: when I think of the day I become who I am meant to be.

Efficient: when I consider how my biological system functions without my help

Confidence: when I seek the nudge to take a bold step.

Leisure: what every family must have more of

Reference: when I think of what my family should be.

Beautiful: when I wake up in the morning to see my wife beside me.

Dependable: when I think of my friend who became my wife.

Mysterious: when I think of the bond between fathers and their sons

Forever: when I calculate how long a mother’s love lasts

Delicious: what I want my wife to say after eating a meal I struggled to prepare.

Ecstatic: when my baby smiles at me for the first time.

Brilliant: when I consider the world and the one who made it.

Goodness: when I think of the job description to overcome evil.

Resilience: when I think of the human spirit.

Divine: when I contemplate Gods love for me

Heaven: when I search for a reason to live right

Miracle: when I see terminal patients live a full span of life

Abundance: when I reflect on Gods store house of blessings

Colorful: when I consider the world and the people that populate it.

Absolute: when I consider Gods capacity for good

Approval: what everybody seeks but nobody talks about

Fun: what I consider when work becomes boring.

Valued: when I think of the readers that has made me a blogger

Skillful: when I consider the blogs I like and those on my blog roll

Eager: when I pause and wait to read the words that other people love.

Thankful: when I calculate the time you spent to read this.

Wow: when I stop and consider the words that you love.

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