A couple of weeks ago I thought it would be an interesting experiment to take up blogging and see how it will help my pursuit to inspire people to live better lives. I needed a platform to engage the world and offer to the public my thoughts on what to strive for and how to aspire to be better.

Four weeks down the line I am immensely humbled and encouraged by the more than a thousand people who have become part of this platform either as viewers or visitors. That I could be encouraged in the way that I have been, by other bloggers who have no stake in my pursuit was awe inspiring. Together; the non-blogger readers and the blogger readers brought me here, to this point in time where I say thank you.

Thank you for showing me how to let loose what God has secured in me for the world. I am still a newbie but also an appreciative one.

To those on my blog roll, Barrira, steven farquharsc, Magdalena, ben broenen , stephaniesocial , takingthemaskoff, Lourdes @ tribeloco, inspirational hope, michelle kim, vasanganyado, annie b, ifrahrao, k.l.register, dacomh, tim A. jackcollier7, stuart perkins, inkstinct, rileycarrbusinessassociate,sarahsugden1  …… thank you for following me even when I was standing on one leg.

I can only say thank you and hope that you see the depth of my gratitude not the shortness of my words.


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